Infopoint from Medonis Museum, available in Level 4. It displays the following text:


15 000 works of art
30 000 m² of rooms and corridors
20 permanent collections
2 art exhibits
12 000 windows
1500 locks
5000 stairsteps
4 millions of visitors each year

Did you know?
The museum was first built in 2871-2873, following the principles of neo-tamnean construction, but underwent major restructuring in 3426, under Tenelly's supervision. "I want each visit to be anescapade. And as Shon-gama once said, 'The adventurer would be wise to be thorough in the exploration of an area. Hidden locations reap great rewards'."
Protests from both officials and citizens were powerless to get in the way of her artistic vision. "It's not so bad”, commented the Emerald Eltarch in 3450. "These days, only one or two people disappear in the museum each year".

Take a bite of knowledge.

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