Infopoint from Medonis Museum, available in Level 4. It displays the following text:


After the Purple Twilight, it is unsure whether a new Corallian Champion will be born or not. Most scientists believe the Worldcoral to be dead, in agony, or undead – in a state of being we cannot understand, as we never fully understood this godlike existence. If such is the case, the corallian heralds are slowly devouring what little energy is remaining in the remnants, in this strange petrified mass anchored in the ground. A Corallian Champion needs enormous amounts of newaldic energy to fuel their powers. That would be the end of their strange, unpredictable lineage.
If we do believe the Worldcoral still exists, maybe the time of Corallian Champions has ended anyway. Maybe corallian heralds, with their downgraded powers, are the new incarnation of the same principle.
Either way, the end of Corallian Champions would be devastating news. For ages they appeared one each century, an apolitic force chosen amongst the commoners, invested with all the strength the Worldcoral would provide, bound to change the world. Without a Corallian Champion, wouldn't every centennial celebration look devoid of meaning? Wouldn't our entire existence look devoid of purpose?
The entire Solworld is waiting for the next Corallian Champion with abysmal anguish.