Klow Carven is a character of the webcomic Pantagrame Quest. He is a police officer and close friend of Jovy.

Tough, stubborn and prone to bullying, Klow managed to control his violence by following very strict moral and legal rules. He entered the Sedaters, Nelphis' police force, and saved numerous lives during the Purple Twilight, with the help of his colleagues Spinel and the Sergeant.

However, Spinel died during the tragedy. Klow drifted into depression, and only started to get better when he adopted a dog and a cat. Then he met his new partner: Jovy.

As a corallian herald, Klow's power is to open portals from one place to another.


  • Klow's name is changed for Korba Corven in the French version.
  • Klow is the only known character to possess both corallian and stained glass powers.

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