Infopoint from Medonis Museum, available in Level 4. It displays the following text:


In 3425, at the end of the Third Cindralic War, Cindralia reached Nelphis and started bombing the entire island. The Council of Eltarchs deliberated and decided to surrender. However, it was already too late for the North wing of the museum: it was hit by a charged shot of Igiplasma, also known as "cindralic fire". The evacuation of the museum was in progress, and only three people died.
When reconstructing the building, a journalist asked the young, crazy architect Tenelly how much budget was allocated to removing the igniplasma pool. "Remove?" answered Tenelly. "Nonsense! This fire will be a vibrant part of the new, improved museum!"
As usual with this legend, no one knows why or when she took the decision, or how she convinced the administration to build the new wing around the igneous substance.

Did you know?
Igniplasma isn't immediately lethal! A human being can survive for one hour before vital functions are irredeemably destroyed. However, if you are alone and no one can pick you up, please avoid diving in the substance. Careful, kids!

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